Opera Opera

A full orchestra, dramatic singers, a fierce dance, shining costumes, an impressive scenery; the combination of all these creates an ideal ensemble for a perfect performance. This is OPERA Enterprise Solution (OES), the revolutionary software suite of Oracle Hospitality.
OPERA is the ultimate technological and business solution both for individual hotels and large chains or multi-dimensional hospitality units. It can be deployed in a uniform local, regional and global environment, thus providing a large and continuous flow of information and services concerning the provision of services to guests and greatly facilitating the work of the staff and the management.

Our Solutions

Opera PMS

OPERA PMS is the core of OPERA Enterprise Solution, as it is designed to meet the different requirements of an individual hotel unit, regardless of size, or even a hotel chain, providing comprehensive information at all levels of the process, up to financial management.


Opera Sales & Catering

Oracle Hospitality OPERA Sales & Catering is a complete customer management application integrated with Oracle Hospitality OPERA PMS in order to maximize sales and simplify conferencing and event management.


Opera Customer Loyalty

The Oracle Hospitality OPERA Customer Loyalty Tracking application (part of the OPERA suite) manages multiple customer data while specifying the customers’ requirements and needs.


Opera Vacation Ownership System

The Oracle Hospitality OPERA Vacation Ownership application offers multiple possibilities for the management of mixed-use units, i.e. hotel units with combined activities as well as complexes of autonomous residences and rooms. OPERA Vacation Ownership allows you to add holiday packages to the full range of OPERA PMS features.


Opera Multi Property Μanagement

Oracle Hospitality OPERA Multi-Property Management effectively provides a fully-equipped management system that enables the enterprise to provide hosting services on a global scale and in more than one hotel units to increase business performance.



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