A wide range of lock accessories complement the main products and contribute to the perfection of the hotel’s aesthetic.

Door Viewer

Door viewer is an additional safety valve for identifying people before opening the door. It prevents unwanted entry and enhances security for guests. The high-quality door viewer ofASSA ABLOY Global Solutions with a glass lens provides a 200 degree viewing angle for greater safety and security.

Exit Device

Exit Device is an exit system that works withASSA ABLOY Global Solutions electronic cards. By installing it on exit doors, the hotel has full control on access from the outside and an easy and a safe escape route in case of emergency.

Exit Device is suitable for wooden, metal and glass doors. It is available in RIM version for horizontal installation, with a door latch, and in ROD version for vertical installation, locking onto the upper and bottom part of the door.

Key Cards

Whether it comes to traditional mag-stripe magnetic tape locks or state-of-the-art RFID locks,ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions has the right key card that allows every hotel to provide guests with an adequate level of security, by maximizing the functionality of the electronic system locking.

With Custom Keycard, VingCard cards can open up new horizons as regards the functionality and profitability of hotels.

Door Retainer

Door Retainer is another suggestion for security at the entrance door. Its sliding mechanism is mounted on the back of the door, preventing third parties from entering, for increased security in every room. It can be fitted on any kind of door (even curved ones) with few movements and there is no risk of damaging the finish of the door.

Remote Controller

VingCard Remote Controller is an independent unit offering access to shared doors such as those in parking areas, gyms, conference suites, staff entrances, etc. It is fully compatible with allASSA ABLOY Global Solutions card systems and, from an aesthetic perspective, fits every lock design chosen by the hotel.

Energy Control Units

The Energy Control Unit is a central space switch that automatically turns the power on or off once the card is inserted into the slot, thus ensuring great energy savings.

Power control units are compatible with VingCard key cards and have the ability to separate guest cards from staff cards. Thus, the use of air conditioning and other electrical equipment in the room is restricted to guests only and not to hotel staff.

Elevator Controller

With the Elevator Controller, the hotel can enhance the safety of the space, as only guests and active card holders can use the elevator that leads either to floors with rooms or to floors accessible only to the staff. It works fully with Visionline and Vision systems.

RFID Locker Locks

ASSA ABLOY VingCard RFID Locker Locks  offer high security and practicality when it comes to cabinets intended for personal belongings. They use cards, bracelets or RFID keyrings instead of heavy-duty keys with high maintenance costs. Electronic components, the locking mechanism and the battery pack are all inside the cabinet, for increased safety and to prevent vandalism.


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