Enkoa Multibox iSWITCH

Enkoa iSwitch sensor series is an innovative product in the Hospitality industry and in particular in the energy management field.

The multibox Iswitch card switch is a smart energy saving solution for hoteliers that satisfies even the most demanding customers. There are two different types of multibox iSWITCH, embedded model or surface model, to choose the one that covers your companies’ needs. It is based on the same RFID Mifare technology used for the room opening and it is compatible with Assa Abloy Global Solutions product line.

When client leaves the room and remove the card from energy control unit, automatically the air conditioning turns off and the lights go out. So you do not have to worry about “careless” that may forget the lights or the air-condition on. When the client returns to room and place the card in the slot, everything starts to work as they were left. For grater energy saving there are different keycards for staff and guests. Thus, limiting the use of air conditioning in the room only to your quests and not to your hotel staff.

Finally, it only works with the valid card for its installation. That means that client cannot leave another card behind in order to keep the air conditioning or lights on in its absence, so all energy consuming systems are turned off automatically.

  •  Easily energy control with the card switch.
  •  Ecological solution
  •  Energy saving
  •  Modern Design and rage of colors
  •  Only operates with hotel specific keycards.
  •  LED lighting for easy finding in the dark


Oracle Hospitality
Assa Abloy
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