Materials Control

Effective Inventory Management: Oracle Materials Control is the ultimate solution for organizing and checking a storage area in the hospitality industry.

The application provides the necessary information on food and beverage management, sales costs, revenues, current inventories, and other useful information, all in real time. Orders for both purchases and deliveries are monitored automatically. According to thousands of customers who have installed it and use it worldwide, it has indeed reduced costs.
A wide range of interfaces in POS systems, back-office and supplier solutions have made this application the best in its category. Its “flexible” architecture and ability to manage various currencies permit scalability and various deployment options

Hospitality materials control (PDF)
Improved management:
  • It is impressively efficient and effective in inventory management.
  • It suits all kinds of operations, regardless of size or complexity.
  • It provides the option of comparison with the actual use of the stock.
  • It allows for a faster, more accurate processing of transactions with mobile solutions for ordering, accepting, transporting and performing inventories of stock.
Final benefits
  • It reduces food costs.
  • It facilitates strategic decision-making on purchasing stock.
  • It effectively controls possible costs through authorized workflow.
Uninterrupted use
  • It manages order/receipt procedures via e-mail, fax, or a B2B environment.
  • It allows HACCP customers to view important information, such as temperature and expiration dates, in all or individual stock lots.
  • It supports multiple tax schemes and foreign currencies.
  • It is compatible with transaction analysis applications, providing the user with the ability to preview, print, send, or export to Microsoft Excel.
  • It can be used as a storage area application, either individually or in conjunction with RES 3700 and Simphony.


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Assa Abloy
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