Mobile Access

Smartphones are a key element of our professional and personal life. These devices can now also form the basis for major travel experiences.

Studies have shown that over 70% of hotel guests prefer to use their mobile phones to check in and have secure access to their rooms. This trend is constantly increasing. The mobile access solution in the hospitality industry improves the experience of guests by eliminating the need for them to check in and wait to have their room access cards delivered. In addition, the operational capabilities of hotel department, such as the reception, are enhanced.

TheASSA ABLOY Global Solutions mobile access solution addresses these needs with the VingCard RFID electronic locks. All you need to do is add a small Bluetooth low energy board on the lock.

Based on the ASSA ABLOY award-winning Seos® technology, this integrated portable solution includes applications which are compatible with iOS® and Android™ smartphones.

This solution comprises a highly reliable and secure management console, Trusted Service Manager (TSM) services, and performance guarantees supported by Service Level Agreement (SLA). Special “onboarding” services further facilitate all procedures for the harmonious integration of technology in the other hotel applications and the existing back-end systems of the business.


  • Unique experience for the guest.
  • No keys or replacement cards are required.
  • Easy access to the rooms.
  • Convenient and safe.
  • Enhancement of hotel image and guest loyalty.
  • More effective operations.
  • Reduced operating cost.


  • The latest version of Visionline is required in conjunction with the Mobile Access license.
  • It is safely connected to the cloud services ofASSA ABLOY Global Solutions Mobile Access.

How does it work?

  • Invitation sent to the guest’s email viaASSA ABLOY Global Solutions Mobile Services.
  • Download of application, registration and acceptance of the use of digital keys.
  • Activation of digital key and informing the guest about the room number before arrival at the hotel.
Mobile Access (PDF)Go Contactless_Mobile Access (PDF)


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